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Rider of the Week

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Tune in each week to our LIVE WebTV Show, Motocross Weekly for Rider Interviews, Product Tests, Race Action, Tech Tips, and Bench Racing.

Do you want to be rider of the week?  Submit your profile page and have your friends vote.

 XRN Riders get down and dirty performing product reviews on video.

Select XRN Events will have Live Streaming Video with our professional hosts calling the race Lap x Lap.

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Xtreme Racing Network

Introducing XRN

XTREME RACING NETWORK (XRN) encompasses all phases of event promoting, organizing, and operating in any racing market for the Race Facility, Racer, and the Fan. 

XRN Sanctioned Events

mototowngateYour track will become officially sanctioned by XRN.  Flying the XRN banner will allow your track to take advantage of our large racer database allowing you to maximize your customer base for every XRN Event you promote, participant skill level tracking which keeps our racers matched properly to experience, age and/or other subgrouping required for class structure, monitor manufacturer qualified machinery which gives data back to sponsors, and accumulate points in the XRN Series you participate in.  Riders will be able to locate the XRN tracks near to there locale or where they wish to race at and register in advance.  This will allow the race facility to project rider turnout before the event happens, making purchasing and staffing decisions much more precise.

Xtreme Web Presence

dbmxwedsite XRN understands the complexity of designing and operating an effective website.  We work with your team to bring your web presence to the TOP of search engines locally to your customers as well as globally for effective marketing of your facility.  For XRN Racers, your Profile Page offers quicklinks to your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and many other social networking sites.  Your sponsors can be direct linked to show your race results and hard work in their social media locations. 


scoringsystemAccurate accounting of your racers is essential to any race facility or venue.  XtremeScore brings the sophistication and advanced features of expensive scoring systems, with reliable scoring hardware and transponders at a much lower cost.  

Xtreme Sports Web

mxw2008 The strength of internet media cannot be dismissed.  XRN's media affiliate Xtreme Sports Web (XSW) will be the source for all Racing broadcasts for XRN.  Racer interviews, Product Tests and Reviews, Live Race Feeds, Award Ceremonies, will be some of the great video action you will see at XRN events worldwide.  

XRN Merchadise

FLEXFIT XRN merchandise will be sold on our website and available at select XRN Racing Events.  XRN offers custom merchandise for events, racers, and fans. Use our XRN MERCHANDISE management module to design your t shirts, sweat shirts, hats, jackets, awards, stickers, or any other custom made accessory.  XRN can also help design your items if that is your desire.  

XRN Marketing

jamescoenXRN makes launching press releases for your event, rider, or situation very easy.  By using the XRN PR module, you can select the type of PR Campaign you wish to launch.  Input the selected info and submit.  XRN will handle the rest.  XRN has the ability to create the exact template making PR Campaigns easy for other media outlets to post.